matol fibresonic womens regularity

matol fibresonic,dietary fiber supplements,matola fiber shakes,see what makes Fibresonic special for womens regularity for Over 24 years order here!

matol dietary fiber supplements, matola fiber shakes

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Matol Botanical International Distributor Robert Veliky 814-342-0832

"FibreSonic " more effective than "MetamucilŪ" !

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fibresonic has the potential to prevent colon cancer great tasting almond shake

matol fibresonic,dietary fiber supplements,matola fiber shakes has set a new standard for dietary fiber supplements.  Here's why.  Each serving contains 11 grams of both soluble and insoluble fiber womens regularity first choice - with an ideal blend - from an incredible 19 different natural sources, and provides 44% of the suggested intake of fiber per day.  That's enough fiber to fill any gaps in your diet.

In addition, when mixed with 8 oz. of skim milk, matol fibresonic is a delicious almond flavored shake and a rich source of healthy nutrients, essential vitamins and minerals.  It's also low in cholesterol and fat matol fibresonic long ago was called matola fiber shakes, same great natural fibre as before un changed in quality!

With its easy-to-prepare convenience, this all-natural dietary fiber supplements can easily be incorporated into your daily diet.

Here are some of the highlights from a recent clinical and experimental study of FIBRESONIC by Dr. Tapan K. Basu, Professor of Nutrition at the University of Edmonton in Alberta Canada.

  • FIBRESONIC is one of the few products available that meets all the criteria to be considered as a good dietary fiber supplement, from both soluble and insoluble fiber standpoints.

  • Because of its multiple plant sources, FIBRESONIC provides all dietary fiber component and thereby it becomes potentially beneficial for not only the constipation-related gut disorders but also diseases of the circulatory system and possibly diabetes.

  • The individuals with high cholesterol level (hypercholesterolemic) respond better to moderate dose level of FIBRESONIC supplement.

  • FIBRESONIC has the potential to prevent colon cancer as evident by its modifying effect on pH and increasing capabilities of bile-acid binding in the colon.

"FIBRESONIC is naturally sweetened and contains no preservatives, artificial colors or flavors."

"Getting all the fiber you need has never been more convenient or delicious!"

2 Cans (30 servings): $41.00

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