Welcome to Veliky Apartments

"Since 1973"

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    We have Apartments available


  • 1 Bedroom Furnished and Unfurnished
  • Large Furnished Studio Apartments
  • Cozy motel Style Effiencies

    Daily And Weekly Rates

    "Perfect For Penn State Games Or Bryce Jordan Events"

  • Apartments Are From $250 - $350 Monthly

  • 6 - 12 Month leasing

Many Past residents have lived at Veliky Apartments
Often Considered "a home away from Home"

For Teachers, Nurses, Engineers and Penn State Students

A Beautiful Safe well maintained Victorian Building

Located in the small community of Philipsburg Pennsylvania
Most apartments include:
Heat, Hotwater, Sanitation, Sewage, Off street parking!
They are also wall to wall carpeted And Include a stove and refridgerator.

  • 25 Miles from Penn State University
  • Minutes away from South Hills Business School
  • 15 Minutes away from West Branch High School
  • 20 Minutes away from Clearfield Lock Haven Campus
  • 15 Minutes From Houtsdale Correctional Facility


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